Application procedures

The minimum qualification required to enrol in a doctoral-level programme is a Master's or equivalent (300 ECTS). Some doctoral departments ask candidates to demonstrate capacity to carry out research.

Candidates generally carry out the application procedure between March and September.

Applicants should contact a doctoral department to inquire about the procedure for submitting a thesis research proposal or for consulting the department's research proposals. The doctoral department will refer the candidate to a thesis supervisor and review the funding options with the candidate.

Once candidates are accepted by the doctoral department and thesis supervisor, they sign a thesis contract. The thesis contract represents the agreement between the doctoral candidate, the department and the research centre, team, or laboratory that will host the candidate. The contract specifies the subject of the candidate's research and the conditions under which the research will be carried out.

The level of proficiency required in the local language and the possibility to pursue doctoral studies in English depend on the institution and the programme. If the thesis is written in English, it has to be accompanied by a summary in French.

More detailed information on the application procedure is available from the respective doctoral department.

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