Funding opportunities

A Danish PhD programme can be funded in a variety of ways:

Independent PhD programmes

Most universities and research institutions will let students enrol as independent PhD students provided the quality of their PhD proposal is adequate, and its subject matter falls within the area of interest of the available research supervisors. Independent PhD students are responsible for funding their own PhD studies (tuition fees, accommodation costs and living expenses). In some cases however, universities may offer full or partial tuition fee waivers.

PhD studentships

PhD studentships (sometimes also called PhD scholarships or PhD fellowships) are three-year full-time positions advertised by universities, research institutions, business enterprises and by public and private foundations. In addition to a workplace and free tuition, students receive a monthly salary. In return, students on studentships usually have teaching obligations.

PhD fellowships

PhD fellowships are open to applicants who have a Candidatus degree (or the equivalent of a two-year Danish Master's degree) as well as a minimum of two years of professional experience. These scholarships advertised by universities, research institutions, business enterprises and public and private foundations are awarded for a period of six months to two years.

Industrial PhD fellowships

Industrial PhD fellowships are a unique, enterprise-oriented opportunity. The purpose of the industrial PhD fellowship programmes is to promote the possibilities of technological and financial development for Danish industry and trade. The programmes therefore always relate to the needs of an enterprise in the areas of research and development. The PhD project is implemented as an actual research project carried out by the industrial PhD fellow in collaboration with a private enterprise and a university. Industrial PhD fellowships usually have a duration of three years. The PhD fellow is formally an employee of the company.

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