The organisation of doctoral-level studies

Czech RepublicDoctoral study programmes are organised in accordance with the Higher Education Act by universities or within the scope of cooperation between a university and a research institute of the Czech Academy of Science. Doctoral candidates are affiliated to laboratories, research teams and faculties / institutes.

Some universities use the ECTS system for doctoral study programmes and graduates are awarded a Diploma Supplement. The average length of a doctoral programme is four years.

Doctoral candidates are systematically assigned a supervisor. The role of the supervisor is to provide individual tutoring and guidance of doctoral candidates, supervise their research activities, help them to establish their individual study plans, supervise their thesis and help them choose important courses.

Depending on the respective study programme doctoral candidates either follow compulsory courses, follow courses chosen by their supervisor or may choose the courses themselves.

Universities are obliged to ensure relevant work or research placements for doctoral candidates which are necessary for the preparation of their thesis and their research activities. International mobility is also an integral part of doctoral studies.

Information on doctoral programmes is available on the websites of individual universities. The list of universities is available on the following websites:


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