Living in Cyprus


All universities have information offices which every student can contact for information regarding questions such as studies, housing, welfare, counselling, careers and sports. The information may be provided by phone or by email. The offices provide students with various information handouts, transcripts, certificates and application forms regarding financial aid, housing, etc.

Most Cypriot universities operate a number of student halls of residence near their campuses. For information regarding the cost of and criteria for campus accommodation, students may contact the housing office of each university. Housing offices also maintain a list of flats and houses for rent. This list is available at the beginning of each academic year.

For further information visit the following websites:


Visa and residency permit

Unless candidates come from a country which is a member of the European Union, they need entry clearance issued by a Cyprus diplomatic mission in the country of their nationality, or the country in which they are living before travelling to Cyprus.

The Cyprus diplomatic mission in the candidates' country of origin can help to find out which type of entry clearance needs to be obtained before travelling to Cyprus.

Contact details concerning the diplomatic missions of Cyprus abroad and all information regarding visas and formal documents needed to enter the Republic of Cyprus can be found on the following websites:


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